Invested? Yes. Earning interest? Hmmm….

Today, as I was sitting in traffic, my mind was wandering and wondering about the complexities of being a fan of Taylor Hicks. In all actuality, I was trying to figure out why I cared so much. What do I care if the new CD bombs? What’s it to me if he announces he’s joining the national tour of “Sound of Music” next?

I thought back to the first time I saw him on AI. I remember the first glimpse I got of him, when they showed him standing in line. I can remember thinking that he was pretty interesting, and kind of cute, in a dorky way. I kept my eye on him throughout the first few weeks. When they showed him sing “The First Cut is the Deepest”, that’s when I knew that this was going to be one hell of a ride. Any guy that can show that much emotion while singing was definitely going to earn my vote. I started voting, religiously, for Taylor. I encouraged my friends to do the same. I started going to the AI boards. That was a new experience for me. Then, I found my home at TMS. From there, the rest is history.

Why do I feel like I have a stake in his career? Maybe because I spent so much time voting for him, or maybe because I spent hours on the internet, watching his latest interviews, buying his CD, going to concert after concert after concert. I just really wanted this guy to succeed, I guess. But, I’m fan of a lot of musicians. I don’t do any of the above for them. I just listen to their music and I’m satisfied by that. But, it’s not that way with Taylor. I want to try to figure him out, analyze why he sings a song a certain way, or why he can’t remember the lyrics to songs that he wrote. I want more, constantly.

But what is it about Taylor that draws people to him? Is it because he seemed like such a nice guy? At least that’s how he portrayed himself on Idol. He led us to believe that he was this “aw, shucks” kind of guy. I can remember hearing rumors that Taylor smoked. I couldn’t believe the outrage that came from some factions of the Soul Patrol. Seriously, this guy had played in bars for ten years. You better believe he smokes, drinks, cusses, and has probably been in a few fights. Aside from that, he’s a musician. Just imagine some of the places that he’s played at. It makes my feet stick to the floor just thinking about it.

Honestly, I think Taylor did himself a disservice by pretending to be somebody he wasn’t. In doing so, he’s gathered a group of fans together who are very dissimilar. Within this fanbase, witch hunting, lies, rumors and innuendos have swirled around the Soul Patrol. As I discussed before, there are factions within this group. Unfortunately, those factions can’t coexist together peacefully. It’s an all out scrap to see who’s left standing on top of the heap.

Has the Soul Patrol been more of a help or a hindrance to Taylor’s career? There is an obvious reputation out there in internet land. The Soul Patrol is pretty aggressive. And definitely don’t say anything bad about GrayBoy. Check out what happened to this girl:

Don’t mess with the Soul Patrol…

I think there is such a thing as too much exposure. After he won, he was everywhere. I couldn’t turn around without seeing him on television doing interviews, on the Ford commercial, or playing at a concert venue nearby. If I had a dime for every time I heard somebody say, “If I see Taylor Hicks in that damn commercial one more time…”, well, I’d have more money than I have now. He had the AI tour, then his concert tour, then a summer tour. It was a lot in a very short period of time, and the Soul Patrol was there every step of the way. Defending him, promoting him, and continuously making sure that everybody felt the way that they did. They continued to argue with Daughtry fans (huh?) and claimed that Taylor was going to change the face of music.

Now, with his new CD coming out in February, we’ll see if time has calmed the SP down. I hope so anyway, for Taylor’s sake.


18 Responses to “Invested? Yes. Earning interest? Hmmm….”

  1. That was fun, reading that link. Man, the one fanatic who started her post with a statement then added number 2.) and then went to c.) is particularly insightful how the minds of folks of that ilk work. LOL

    I’ve said before that certain fans of the man have taken the “Patrol” part to an extreme. I’ll be labeled mean for saying that, but it’s the truth. At least this was from a 2006 blog; there is hope. *crossing my fingers*

    Regarding that Ford commercial, I’ll bet that was a nice paycheck. 😉

  2. Oh, of course there was a nice paycheck. Taylor’s all about the money. He must have been a dairy farmer in a past life because he sure knows a cash cow when he sees one…Mooooola…hahahahha

    Judging by the way Early Works disappeared off the Target shelves (and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t new fans he was collecting), I wouldn’t keep those fingers tightly crossed. Just as the Soul Patrol bought multiple copies of Early Works to try to bring up the numbers, I’m pretty sure every “true” fan will have more than one copy of The Distance. *rolls eyes*

  3. Virtual Speak Says:

    That link you provided certainly was some morning entertainment. I wonder how many blogs do stuff like that on purpose, just to chide the Soul Pa-troll? They’re so easily stirred. Must be the peri-menopause talking.

    I had a blog and deleted it because of the Soul Pa-troll. God forbid anyone have a differing opinion than most of his fan base.

    I fear your hope for the Soul Pa-troll to be any different this time around is futile. If you follow any of the threads on the Boogie it’s the same few that stalk, harass other members that don’t agree, go on e-mail campaigns to his record and PR companies and write the same recaps ad-nauseam.. Only the venue changes.

    When you ask if the SP has been a help or a hindrance.. I would have to answer both. The same goes for Gray Charles. He somehow gave fans the right to feel either elitist or a leper and gave them carte-blanche to start fan wars with Chris Daughtry fans. The whole thing is so ridiculous.

    I hope he did make some good dough off that commercial. He has/had to strike when the iron was hot.

    The numbers from ‘Early Works’ were almost non-existent. I really hope he’s found a way to turn things around with this new marketing team. This CD is way to important to his career to have taken this gamble of doing a traveling show and promoting it at the same time. If I hear “Taylor smart” one more time, I may gag.

    If I’m wrong.. I’ll eat damn new single. 😉

  4. Shoot, let’s be real, iag, I’d be lying if I said I’d turn down that cash cow either. I’d certainly pull up a milking stool. ha.

    Yeah, it’s like that (buying multiple copies) with many of the Idol contestants. I admit to my first foray into Idol TardVille when Bo Bice released his first single – I have 6 copies in my dresser. hahaha!

    (psst, that’s a deep, dark secrud…) XD

  5. Well, yeah…he would be a fool to pass it up, I guess. And I don’t have a problem with him doing the Ford commercial. It was just the sheer madness of how many times it was on, which Taylor had no control of, I’m sure.

    I’m just still trying to figure out why I still care. I’ve got enough going on in my life without him. But yet, I feel compelled to keep talking about him.


    Virtual Speak, why give up the blog? As for the Boogies, I’ve only been there a couple of times. Now, I have no Taylor board, so I just have to rely on Google alerts. haha…

    Oh Gray Charles. That could be a whole other post.

  6. Virtual Speak Says:


    It’s no longer a deep dark secrud.. This is my first step into Tardville.. and my last.

    I tetter on the edge of walking down the tard path everyday. But, I find observing the tards is so much more fun now.

    I honestly don’t think my nerves could take it again.

  7. I agree with you, VS. I won’t even watch American Idol anymore for fear of finding another unknown that I can follow into psuedo-stardom.

    There is a blog that seems abandoned now, and I would love to talk to the ones that ran that one.

  8. Virtual Speak Says:

    I gave up the blog because I was besieged by absolute lunatics. I just wanted to blog about Taylor as I saw fit. The comments were not to be believed, and a hate blog was not my intention.

    Because like you… I honestly, don’t know why I care anymore. But, the fact is.. I do. Sadly, I do.

    I also don’t have a Taylor board anymore either. I was on all of them once, got burned, and finished. I have no interest in them. That whole feeling of “community” on a message board is a false sense of security.

    So, I read the Boogie, google alerts, and the blogs.

    A Gray Charles post would be delightful. 🙂

  9. I was a little naive of the ways of fandom when Gray Charles was around. I might have to do a little research about him. I have my own feelings about him, but I’ll try to keep those out of the post when I make it.

    Yeah, I’ve always said what I thought about Taylor, and you’re right, a lot of people really don’t like that.

  10. I joined a few boards but lost interest and got bored with them. Everyone had to parrot everyone else it seemed so that grew tiresome.

    I hung out at Gray’s from his conception. He was one of the first to start blogging Hicks – I felt a kinship with him – for a while. I read regularly, shared some of his same tastes in music, but did not feel compelled to post that often. It was a fun blog for a long while but then turned into something else as time went on. I have my own thoughts on that and why it occurred. 😉

  11. Gray Charles is one of those mythical creatures in the Taylor Hicks Saga. It was a time when you gather the little kiddies around the fire, and tell them about the beginning of the Soul Patrol, back when we all believed in Taylor and Gray Charles was a god.



  12. Ah, exactly. What is it ‘someone’ said? Oh yes…. “It was the best of times, the worst of times”. O Yea, Mighty Zeus on high Mt. Soul threw a hearty bolt of reality and the ground cracked and broke into splintering bits.

    The villagers were left standing, brushing the debris from their hair and clothing…


  13. Virtual Speak Says:

    Would that debris be glitter?

  14. Well another good topic. Taylor is the only AI contestant who hooked me enough to purchase his music. But he has a much bigger hold on me because I follow every move he makes and so want him to succeed. This could be in part to my voting for him , but I also found him so likeable and interesting. Spinshack knows that I’ve only been reading and posting on blogs for about 6 months. I’ve discovered psychos to the right of me and psychos to the left. The negative people thought I was too positive about Tay and a few of the over the top Soul Patrol nuts, have included me in the category they call the haters. Hey, that was no biggie. It was people insisting that I wasn’t me, Rosie, a newcomer to blogs. I was called every name in the book, by a woman who consideres herself the Queen of the Soul Patrol. I had no idea there were such factions when I began posting, or that some were willing to make fools of themselves, lash out hatefully at other fans, and then sit back and congratulate themselves because they think they are doing right by Taylor. Yuck!

  15. Virtual Speak, yes indeedy, glitter and bedazzler sparkles. lol

  16. And was there Whoo Dust too, Mama???? 🙂

  17. Oh, Rosie, stick around a little bit longer. You’ll be amazed at what some members of the Soul Patrol will do. Some will do whatever they can to try to get to Taylor, no matter what the cost.

  18. WOO Dust, you mean, YKW? Truckloads.

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