New pictures, new music, new lyrics…

Yesterday, we all got a glimpse of Taylor when he was hard at work in his studio.


I’m really kind of conflicted about the new CD, aptly named The Distance. I really don’t want to get my hopes up, but another part of me realizes what kind of music he can make, if given the freedom to do so. I’ve only heard a little snippet of his new music, but we did get to see some lyrics.


I’m hoping that “leavin’ the past behind” has alot to do with American Idol. As much of a blessing as it was for Taylor, it’s been just as big of a curse. It left him as a punchline in pop culture, and as an afterthought to the AI Machine. My theory on Taylor’s relationship with AI is that when he knew the title was his, he began to express his views, maybe a little too much. Here’s some advice, don’t piss off the people that you work for. So, he was forced to record “Taylor Hicks”, a watered down, superficial version of the real Taylor Hicks.

Now, he’s away from them…and hopefully able to record what he wants. You might be asking yourself right now, what would I like to see on this CD? Well, let me tell you what I want to see on this CD. Give me some real, angst driven lyrics like “Somehow” or “The Fall”. Give me something that will make me forget the rhinestone wearing, pompadour wearing images in my head. Something like this:

“Are you getting wet down there?”



14 Responses to “New pictures, new music, new lyrics…”

  1. You said:

    “Give me something that will make me forget the rhinestone wearing,
    pompadour wearing images in my head”

    I say:

    AMEN TO THAT !!! I am ready for some real Taylor…

  2. itsallgrey Says:

    Exactly. We’ve all seen glimpses of it. But, unfortunately, there’s a certain part of the Soul Patrol (rolls eyes) that don’t like him that way. Sometimes, I think he’s forgotten himself in trying to please everybody else. I hope he proves me way wrong with his next CD.

  3. Virtual Speak Says:

    Please let there be angst, anger and protest songs.

  4. itsallgrey Says:

    Angst, anger and protest songs. He can communicate all three of those things really well.

  5. The lyrics sheet he teased us with? Those lyrics? Hilariously bad. I hope the melody is fantastic.

  6. Ah, that “Grease” gig a necessary vehicle. Look past the wig and bedazzled suit, the real guy’s still there. Man, it’s the economics of celebrity, the bottom line of satisfying that cash cow called fame.

    Nice blog.

  7. I can relate to feeling conflicted about the new CD. Do I want to get psyched for it, just to be let down? Well, let’s hope I haven’t fallen to that level of co-dependency… *sigh*. I’ve just adopted a “wait and see” attitude about it. I hope it works out for Taylor, I hope it works out for me.

    But, I have to agree with Poster Eysial, those lyrics made me shiver, and not in a good way. And by “shiver”, I mean I dropped my head into my hands, and moaned “No, no, no, no, no…..” Seriously, “When I walk … I walk with confidence” ??? What the hell IS that?? It sounds like a tampon commercial.


    Wait and see. Just wait. and. see.

  8. eysial, I agree with you on the lyrics. It almost reminds me of the great “Do I Make You Proud?” ugh.

    Spinshack, I’m not sure I see it as a necessary vehicle. There are plenty of people who aren’t quite mainstream, or radio ready, who have made a big impact on music. Look at people like Jack Johnson, Amos Lee or Ray LaMontagne. I mean, those guys are real about their music, and I used to put Taylor in the same category. I hope this CD is up to par.

    Oh, and thanks! 🙂

  9. YKW,

    A tampon commercial?! AHAHHA!! Maybe if the CD doesn’t work out, then he can try to sell it for commercial use. haha!!

  10. Man, I wasn’t going to judge yet on those lyrics as I hoped that wasn’t for real but if they are – yeah man, that’s the tragedy. They sound very “Do I Make You Proud” and man, that’s not good.

    Let’s hope for something better.

  11. Wow, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who wasn’t won over by the lyrics in that song. Is that supposed to be “the single”? I just can’t get behind that being the representative song of the CD.

    I’m really, really rooting for an awesome CD. Like Willpen said . . . some real Taylor.

  12. Virtual Speak Says:

    If all else fails, the adult incontinent community will have a snappy new jingle.

  13. spinshack Says:

    Bwhahahaha! Now when I hear the tune I’m thinking Depends. ack! Perhaps it sounds better than it reads. *crossing my fingers*

  14. Those lyrics do not sound like they came from him as they don’t fit with his pre AI lyrics. rosie

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