What? No new song?

Ok, once again, Taylor has spoken, and it hasn’t happened. On more than one occasion, he has said he would be performing a new song after the performance of Grease. Last night was the first night of the Grease tour. And was there a new song? Why no, no there wasn’t. Instead there was Taylor, all dressed up as the Teen Angel.

I guess you can put this in the category with the acoustic tour, the Whomp DVD, the new CD that was supposed to be released, but instead ended up being a repackage of his early works. How about all the great Q&A’s and live chats we were going to have at THHQ? Now, that was a good time. *rolls eyes*

What happened to Fan of the Week? Or did he run out of fans? He had maybe a couple months worth, and that was it?

Sometimes it’s so frustrating being a Taylor Hicks fan. Then he says shit, and doesn’t follow through. It’s a damn good thing he’s hot.

This interview was posted yesterday…

7 Responses to “What? No new song?”

  1. Dammit, Hicks! RELEASE Whomp at the Warfield already! What, you been hanging with Axl Rose and taking lessons on how to make your fans insane with waiting??

    I’ll buy anything NEW you release. Sorry, as much as I LOVE your early works, I do not need 27 versions of “My Friend.” IAG is right; sometimes it’s frustrating to be a Taylor Hicks fan. Give us more, Taylor! Give us a reason not to wander off! WE WANT TO SEE YOU ALL THE TIME, do you not get that?

    TOUR. SUMMER 2009. NATIONWIDE. Would be a VERY VERY good thing.

  2. “It’s been in the hopper for awhile… “??? Oh, that’s right. Bouncing around in that hopper right next to my hopes and dreams of an acoustic tour and the long awaited DVD…. *sigh*

    When will he learn to put his words into action??

  3. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Too much waiting turns into losing interest and not caring anymore.

  4. Nice blog! First time I have read this.

  5. ok, nice donkey. Are you telling me that I’m as ass? LOL!

  6. I didn’t put that avi there..but I’m pretty sure you can change it through settings. haha…

    Thanks for posting, though. It is much appreciated.

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