Why does he have a hold on me?

I keep trying to break the Taylor Hicks cycle. All I want to do is move on, away from him, away from the fandom. But I just can’t do it. Lately, I’ve found myself listening to “Taylor Hicks”, the CD, in the car. I’ve never been a really big fan of that CD. I thought it was hastily packaged and not well promoted. I mean really, it could have been much better. I’m hoping that this next one is going to be more original, and truer to his original sound. But the question is: Why does he have this hold on me?

I’ve liked other musicians before, but never to this level. I went to more concerts than I care to mention, and spent alot of money on him. He entertains me like no other, that is for sure. His brand of music was not something that I listened to before him, and I have discovered a true liking for it. Music has become much more important to me now, and I am thankful for that. But, my favorite part of a Taylor Hicks concert? The tags, definitely.

I could watch Taylor tag songs for hours. You just never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.

Well, now he’s worn me out. 🙂


One Response to “Why does he have a hold on me?”

  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhh





    I, uh…. I was planning on saying something…. but I watched that first video…. and I’m just….




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